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40th Class Reunion Oct 3rd, 2015

Reunion night Oct 3rd, 2015

40th Class Reunion Oct 3rd, 2015

Reunion night Oct 3rd, 2015

40th Class Reunion Oct 2nd, 2015

Friday Night, Oct 2nd, 2015

John Glenn Home Coming Game September 24th, 2010

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Class of 75 2010

35th Class Reunion September 25th, 2010

Please check all albums, each album can only hold 100 pictures.

35th Class Reunion September 25th, 2010 Album 2


35th Class Reunion September 25th, 2010 Album 3


35th Class Reunion September 25th, 2010 Album 4


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John Glenn High School/Class of 1975

25 Year Reunion
Photo Captions
album 1
Dcp_1452             The Grand Room for a grand time
Dcp_1453             Kim (Holton) Van Buren & Joyce (McDonald) Panyard
Dcp_1454             Joyce & Shelley (Chickey) Gunther
Dcp_1455             Joyce
Dcp_1456             Theresa (Genslak) James, Shelley & Kim
Dcp_1457             Shelley
Dcp_1458             Kim
Dcp_1459             Theresa
Dcp_1460             Theresa, Shelley & Kim
Dcp_1461             Memorabilia table
Dcp_1462             No longer with us
Dcp_1463             Leif Wurschmidt, Bill Bono, Denis Martin, Loren Zeidman, Tom Stevens
Dcp_1464             Julie (McNellis) Morscheck, Kris (Fox) Carter, Theresa (Genslak) James, Linda (Sierak)
Dcp_1465             John & Lois (Bandy) Higgins and Jeanne (Reeves) Lau
Dcp_1466             John & Lois
Dcp_1467             Lois & Linda (Sierak) Bernhardt
Dcp_1468             Linda & Sue (Khollman) Auten
Dcp_1469             Kris (Carter) Fox, Sue & Linda
Dcp_1470             Kris & Kathy (Colucci) Zampardo
Dcp_1471             Randy Dexter, Mark Cabrerra & Brad Loveless
Dcp_1472             Jeff Doelker ('76), John & Lois (Bandy) Higgins and Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker
Dcp_1473             Bob Kiesling, Mike Laing, Tom Bird & Art Halloran
Dcp_1474             Karen Bostel & Karen Peterson
Dcp_1475             Tom Bird, Scott Attwood & Jeff Garbus
Dcp_1477             Mark Czajka, Bill Panyard ('74), Tony Angerilli, Joe Hicks & Don Henry
Dcp_1478             Lola (Pavlik) Zagata, John Higgins & Tom Jakubowski
Dcp_1479             Sue (Decker) Ireland
Dcp_1480             The Jeff Michels Project, featuring our own Chris Kaercher on Sax, Harmonica, etc.
Dcp_1481             Joy (Schulz) Simmons & Connie Combs
Dcp_1482             Jeff & Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker, Kim (Holton) Van Buren & Theresa (Genslak) James
Dcp_1483             Chris Kaercher & Cheryl Seymour
Dcp_1484             Tony Amorose & Sue Christoff
Dcp_1485             (front) Angie (Arbini) Betz, Hershel Hamblin, Joyce (McDonald) Panyard; (middle) Deb Polich,
                                Shelley (Chickey) Gunther, Kim (Holton) Van Buren, Theresa (Genslak) James; (back) Tony
                                Amorose, Jeanne (Reeves) Lau
Dcp_1486             Ditto
Dcp_1487             Doug Terry & Loren Zeidman
Dcp_1488             Doug & Toby Theodore
Dcp_1489             Art Halloran, Tony Amorose & Bill Bagwell
Dcp_1490             Kathy (Colucci) Zampardo, Kris (Fox) Carter, Linda (Sierak) Bernhardt and Karen Bostel
Dcp_1491             Tony Amorose, Kathy, Kris, Linda and Karen
Dcp_1492             Must be a disco tune
Dcp_1493             Tony Angerilli
Dcp_1494             Tony Amorose & Lola (Pavlik) Zagata
Dcp_1495             Renae (Schuchard) Thompson & John Kovacs
Dcp_1496             Sue (Tavormina) Rawson & Tom Stevens
Dcp_1497             Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker & Jerry Perez; background Jeff Doelker
Dcp_1498             Linda Gardner ('76) & Kim (Holton) Van Buren
Dcp_1499             Dave Poppenger, Lola (Pavlik) Zagata & Jeff Doelker
Dcp_1500             Lynne (Jones) Morrison & Denis Martin
Dcp_1501             Joy (Schulz) Simmons & John Higgins
Dcp_1502             Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker, Lola (Pavlik) Zagata & Jeff Doelker
Dcp_1503             Loren Zeidman & Tony Amorose; background Barb (Jones) Clark and John Higgins
Dcp_1504             Theresa (Genslak) James, Kim (Holton) Van Buren and Kathy (Fitzgerald) Knipp
Dcp_1505             Doug Terry, Bob Kiesling, Mike Laing, Tom Harris & Tom Jakubowski
Dcp_1506             Rose (Stracka) Felice & Sue (Decker) Ireland (Sorry for the poor aiming, Rose)
Dcp_1507             Jeff & Janet (Lillienthal) Smith
Dcp_1508             Deb Polich & Carla Lenhoff
Dcp_1509             Don Dennett
Dcp_1510             Karen Peterson & Hershel Hamblin; background Becky (Brown) Stephens
Dcp_1511             Tom Bird & Linda Gardner
Dcp_1512             Jeanne (Reeves) Lau, Hershel Hamblin & Shelley (Chickey) Gunther
Dcp_1513             Hershel & Shelley
Dcp_1514             Tom Bird, Jeff Garbus & Joe Hicks
Dcp_1515             Debbie (Hensley) Young, Ron Haught & Karen (Hensley) McKinley
Dcp_1516             Joyce (McDonald) Panyard & Murray Duncan
Dcp_1517             Gloria (Dilworth) Funai, Karen Peterson & Toby Theodore
Dcp_1518             Becky (Brown) Stephens & Deb Polich
Dcp_1519             You're on your own to try & name all these folks
Dcp_1520             By this time of the evening, the bar has been open for a while
Dcp_1521             Steady, Joyce!
Dcp_1522             By day, many of these people are professionals
Dcp_1523             Renae (Schuchard) Thompson leads the way (You party animal)
Dcp_1524             Jeff Garbus, Amy McKolay ('76) & Barb (Jones) Clark
Dcp_1525             Mark Cabrerra & Don Cicotte
Dcp_1526             Gloria (Dilworth) Funai
Dcp_1527             Linda Gardner with Hershel Hamblin & Karen Peterson with Mark Czajka
Dcp_1528             Loren Zeidman & Shelley (Chickey) Gunther
Dcp_1529             Lola (Pavlik) Zagata, Jeff Doelker, Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker, Kim (Holton) Van Buren & Dave
Dcp_1530             Jeff & Lola
Dcp_1531             Connie Combs, Tom Stevens, Sue (Tavormina) Rawson & Bill Bagwell
Dcp_1532             Cheryl (Seymour) Doelker, Sue (Tavormina) Rawson, Tony Amorose & Connie Combs
Dcp_1533             Dancing to the music of the Jeff Michels Project
Dcp_1534             Tom Stevens & Maryann Walker
Dcp_1535             Bill Bono, Renae (Schuchard) Thompson, Barb (Jones) Clark & Denis Martin
Dcp_1536             Joy (Schulz) Simmons, Maryann Walker & John Higgins
Dcp_1537             Tom Harris, Chris Kaercher, Toby Theodore & Mike Laing
Dcp_1538             Lois (Bandy) Higgins, Maryann Walker, Loren Zeidman & John Higgins
Dcp_1539             Kim (Holton) Van Buren, Bill Bagwell, Lynn (Jones) Morrison & Dave Poppenger
Dcp_1540             Darryl Loshbough & Bob Kiesling
Dcp_1541             At the hospitality suite: Joe Hicks, Tom Bird, Chris Kaercher, Lois (Bandy) Higgins, Lynn
                                (Jones) Morrison & Tom Harris
Dcp_1542             Bill Bagwell & Mark Cabrerra
Dcp_1543             Jeff Garbus & Sue (Decker) Ireland
Dcp_1544             Tom Bird, Barb (Jones) Clark, Loren Zeidman & Shelley (Chickey) Gunther
Dcp_1545             Don Cicotte, Ron Haught & Murray Duncan
Dcp_1546             Don Dennett, Bill Bagwell, Chris Kaercher & Tom Harris
Dcp_1547             Jeff Garbus, Sue (Decker) Ireland & Renae (Schuchard) Thompson
Dcp_1548             Loren Zeidman & Hershel Hamblin
Dcp_1549             Joyce (McDonald) Panyard & Hershel


John Glenn High School/Class of 1975
25 Year Reunion
Photo Captions
album 2
Dcp_1551             Karen Peterson, Bill Bagwell & Tom Stevens
Dcp_1552             Chris Kaercher, Tom Harris & Toby Theodore
Dcp_1553             Karen & Joyce
Dcp_1554             Tom Stevens, Maryann Walker, Joe Hicks, Tony Angerilli & Sue (Decker) Ireland
Dcp_1555             Chris Kaercher, Jeff Garbus, Renae (Schuchard) Thompson & Karen Peterson
Dcp_1556             Bill Panyard, Hershel Hamblin, Sue & Tony
Dcp_1557             Joyce (McDonald) Panyard, Bill & Hershel
Dcp_1558             Joyce & Karen (oops!)
Dcp_1559             Chris Kaercher, Renae (Schuchard) Thompson & Jeff Garbus; background, Hershel & Don
Dcp_1560             Karen & Hershel