October 3, 2015
5 years, 8 months and 9 days since
our Reunion.
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Pictures from our 40th Reunion are now available for your viewing.  Just click on the Photo Albums-Ad's tab.
Class of 75 is Alive and Kickin!   

50th Class Reunion

The next Class Reunion will be in 2025

Dear Classmates, 
Welcome to the Class of 1975 John Glenn High School Reunion Website.  This web site has been set up to provide information about our Class Reunion and to allow classmates to updated there information i.e.
name changes, change of address, emails etc.

In order to keep this site active until the next reunion we need to raise at least $1500.00. Please click on the Donation page and help us with your generous donation. If you wish to mail your donation you find my address on the same page.

if you are planning on donating to our website here is what you have to do: Click on the Donation page and fill out the first page with the required information then click submit on the next page verify by clicking submit again and it will take you to the credit card page on that page just simply fill out the credit card page and hit submit again.

On behalf of the Reunion Committee we thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you as well as seeing you at the next reunion.

We hope you will use this site to share information about yourself, learn more about your classmates and reconnect with them. 

Please visit this site regularly for updates and new information.

 Your 40th Reunion Committee:
Tony Amorose
Janet Miller Hatch

Rene Kiebzak Kuneman
Roger Olweean
Gail Hill Schleif
Queta Duke Siefker
Chuck Somerville
Loren Zeidman

The 35th Reunion Committee:
Sandra Boekhout Dowgiallo
Patti Borruch Hudson
Gail Combs
Queta Duke Siefker
Lynn Harris Daugherty
Rene Kiebzak Kuneman
Susan Kozak Johnson
Jeanne Reeves Lau

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